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Monday, September 3, 2012

Updating Nasty Knotty Pine Paneling

So we're working on updating a 1940's house - pretty much all original interior and exterior stuff. There is a lot to upgrade and work on . As we work on upgrading the house I will also post ideas of things we want to do. Since the knotty pine paneling was popular in the 40's it is in the den of the house. The cool thing is there is a hidden gun closet behind the paneling. The crappy thing is it reminds me of a cheaper version of what I imagine Anchorman's Ron Burgundy's den looks like - no rich mahogany or leather bounded books. Anyways one of the websites I stumbled upon is a great example of how you can change things up with paint to make it look more spacious and up to date.

Notice how much of a difference it makes for the couple's room. It is really really spacious looking. Also doing what they did probably didn't cost much. The most expensive thing was probably the wood flooring from Ikea.

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